Pure Essential Oil (EO)

100% Money Back Guarantee

BF1 Cosmetic GMP Manufacturer Approved By National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) for Natural Pure Essential Oils Malaysia. All essential oils are 100% natural extraction perform medical results and not harmful to skin application.

100% Money Back Guarantee, Not Included Shipping Fee. Terms & Conditions. Important : For scent and product testing, BF1 had provided 10ml or small packing size for customers to perform product tests. BF1 will not refund to those opened or used large packing sizes avoiding contamination of the products.

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a. Own Pick Up at BF1 - Order before 11.00pm Next Day self pick.
b. BF1 Delivery for KL and Selangor only - (1-2days) Order before 11.00pm Next Day send out.
c. Courier By Pgeon Delivery or Pos Laju (3-7 days) - Order before 11.00pm will be courier out Next Day.
Courier Fee : Semenanjung Malaysia = Free Shipping Order Above RM100.00
Semenanjung Malaysia = Below RM100.00 = RM6.00 per 5KG | East Malaysia = RM10.00 per 500g

Step 1 : https://www.npra.gov.my/index.php/en/consumers/information/products-search.html
Step 2 : Choose Cosmetic
Step 3 : Search By : Manufacturer Name
Step 4 : Search " Best Formula "
Step 5 : Essential Oil Product On Page 11
All registered Products List Will Show.

Most of the customers are addicted to certain scents, make emotions high or drunk, use nose decide qualities of essential oils. BF1 uses 100% natural ingredients to make essential oil for skin repair, not for emotional scents.

BF1 is produced with safe ingredients following KKM or NPRA guidelines. Directly apply BF1 essential oils onto skin or mix with white sugar to scrub your skin, you will see instant results of skin improvement. Safe ingredients will protect your mental and healthiness. Thank You.

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