Perfume Ingredients - Body Mist Solution ( Water Base ) - 100L

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Body Mist Solution ( Water Base ) is none alcohol solution easy mixing with Body Fragrance Oil or Aromatic Fragrance Oil become Perfume Body Mist products ready to sell. Example : Lavender Aromatic Fragrance 20% mixing with 80% of Body Mist Solution will become Lavender Body Mist.

Direction Of Making Of Perfume Body Mist Solution ( Water Base )
Mixing 10%-20% of Fragrance Oils with 80%-90% of Body Mist Solution( Water Base ) will become Perfume Body Mist. Lasting of the Perfume Body Mist will depending your formulation percentage from 4 hours to 6 hours.

Packing Size And Price :

1L = RM22.00

5L = RM20.00 X 5L = RM100.00

25L = RM18.00 X 25L = RM450.00

100L = RM16.00 X 100L = RM1600.00

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